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About National Lending Partners

We are professional lending partners providing FHA, VA, 203K, and conventional direct lending services. We share core values such as integrity, trust, and respect.

Office Model:
In today's marketplace, we know that everyone has to be very watchful of their budget, especially their expenditures. This is the reason that we implemented a no/low overhead business model enabling our loan officers to be completely self-reliant from home or wherever they choose. Due to the technology platform we offer, loan officers can set-up and complete their transactions via web based applications. Our loan officers will also have the ability to utilize our offices when they need a place to meet a client or host trainings, seminars, or public networking events.

We believe in providing our loan officers with the latest tools necessary to compete and be successful in today's competitive marketplace. We offer scheduled trainings on current market topics, either live or via webinar. We offer each loan officer their own website, along with automated loan pricing and processing. Additionally, loan officers will have access to video marketing facilities and resources utilizing a short stream video platform. We also offer tools to help the loan officer develop relationships with their Real Estate partners to enhance their marketing influence.

We have implemented a multi level compensation plan, which enables loan officers to not only earn a commission on their efforts alone, but also earn a residual based on the efforts of those in their organization. This type of compensation structure allows loan officers to build a continuous income stream and create some freedom for themselves to do the things they enjoy.


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National Lending Partners
1337 Howe Ave. Ste. 200
Sacramento, California 95825
Phone: (916) 799-1226
Fax: (916) 244-7050


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